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Use unique ways of storytelling through emerging and new technologies like locative media, and social media to foster imagination in interesting ways.

Imaginarrative Adventures, by Alanna Munro, is a 4th year grad project that sought to address the tendency of gamers to stay indoors and lead largely sedentary activities. With the objective of "getting people outside on epic quests with awesome storylines and a choose your own adventure style", the Imaginnarative mobile application would draw gamers into the outdoors while still providing the immersive experiences they had grown to enjoy.
To view a PDF (9.2MB) of the project's process document, click here.

not alone


Research consisted of articles and examples from many spheres including educational, narrative theory, game theory, and technological topics. All the information was compiled into a research summary that helped validate the direction for the project. This was important to project feasibility, especially regarding technological capability.


Audience Parameters

According to Alanna, "Audience was the most difficult parameter to come up with because I could envision a very wide variety of people using my app". She decided to break a wide audience into three age groups and focus on the one with the most peer influence. The drawing above was created by Melissa Olsen-Peet while Alanna described each audience group.


User Testing

Extensive user testing for this project included basic user information and current habits, competition, concept appeal, app/web functionity, environment experience, and other comments. This allowed for user-centred refinements and iterations informed web and mobile application prototyping as well as contributing to decisions on final visual language.


The Virtually Real

While it was beyond the scope of the project to actually build and launch the application commercially, the design of a supporting web site and a promotional video enabled the conceptual idea to be clearly communicated to audiences and convey a sense that the project was real or that it could very much be realized in the future.

Alanna Munro is a visual experience designer based in Vancouver, to view more of her work visit alannamunro.com.