Through practice and research, intrvls explores the design of information, interaction, and experience in digital cartography and location-based media.

Intrvls is a research cluster at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada. We combine applied research with integrated media and design practice to explore and better understand the relationship between people, place, and experience. Through research in mapping, locative media and information visualization we seek insights into best practices for the clarification and communication of complex problems, addressing areas from the social and cultural to the environmental and political.



In the past, cartography was limited both in its print-based outcomes and the kinds of creators who designed them. Today, with the emergence of innovative new mapping technologies and the ubiquity of mobility in our lives and our media, the importance of web mapping and digital cartography in design practice has become immediate and pronounced


Location-based Media

Our understanding of location-based media has traditionally been associated with wayfinding and navigation in areas from travel and recreation to enterprise level logistics. Recently, social media has created new opportunities for investigation in areas socio-cultural (such as lifestyle and consumer culture) and in political spheres such as activism and monitoring.


Information Visualization

As the rate at which we can access information seems to increase exponentially, new means and methods of processing and understanding this information becomes necessary. Information visualization, particularly as it relates to our experiences of place, time and context, offers possibilities for distilling and translating this information complexity.




A post-apocalyptic game for getting out and meating real "live" people. This highly experiential app concept was developed by Sherman Tam.



Daniel Telado and Vicky Simansjah examined the current political disputes in the South China Sea through an interactive website.



This project, by Dol Imnamkhao, explored the relationship between political parties of Thailand and their respective colour associations.



The Imaginarrative Project was an app concept developed by Alanna Munro to engage users' senses in immersive natural environments.

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